Physicians and other providers are burdened by the time and effort it takes to retrieve, analyze and enter data into their EMRs. The result is a severely degraded office visit experience for the physician and patient, and physicians spend hours per week on administrative work that could be much better spent caring for patients.

Our Mission: Automating medical office visit workflow to better the lives of patients and providers of healthcare.

We focus on the Quadruple Aim in healthcare:

  • Enhancing patient experience
  • Improving population health
  • Reducing costs
  • Improving the work-life of physicians

The Problem

The burden of data entry into the EMR by physicians is time consuming and distracting.

  • Quality of care and patient experience suffer
  • Physicians productivity is reduced
  • Physicians cite EMRs as the largest contributor to their professional dissatisfaction

Our Solution

VisitHub is an AI powered SaaS-based solution that greatly improves efficiency of physicians using EMR by automating virtually every step of the office visit from visit planning to documentation.

Main Features

  • Visit plan engine automatically selects appropriate problems and quality measures to be addressed.
  • Problems and quality measures determine drive the creation of patient-specific electronic questions sets to collect medical history.
  • Note generation engine uses patient responses, physical exam templates, clinical, laboratory and imaging data to automatically create the entire visit note.
  • Printed visit agenda for every patient listing visit reasons, quality measures to be addressed and medication list for review.
  • Automatically generated 10-year preventive care plan.
Flow chart

Our technology is patent pending.

Centralized scheduling

Main Benefits

  • Improve office visit workflow
  • Reduced no show rate
  • Reduce physician data entry results in greater attention to the patient, improving patient and physician satisfaction
  • Improve quality of care by adherence to guidelines and reducing variability
  • Improved physician compensation resulting from improved pay for performance, more accurate risk adjustment scores and the freedom to see additional patients
  • Improved patient engagement by better understanding of drug regimen, medical problems and greater awareness of preventive measures due

Our Team

Yariv Reches, Eng.

Co-Founder & CEO

25 years of business management experience, Founder & CEO @ Arcos Technologies (Acquired by ATX networks), CEO @ ATX Networks Ltd, Founder & CEO @ Vertigo, CIO & Operation @ EPS-Tech Ltd, Industrial Engineering & Management

Joe DiPoala, MD

Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer

Practicing Internist with 30 years of clinical experience. Managing Partner of Ridgeview Internal Medicine Group. Co-founder and CMO of Health Systems Technology, Inc. Patient centered medical home pioneer. Serves organized medicine locally and nationally

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