Anodyne Clinical – Making EMRs work for physicians.

Hunting through many EMR sections pre-visit, or during  patient visit along with typing post-visit documentation and orders impact number of visits and personal time.

The Solution – VisitHub™ by Anodyne Clinical

– One screen UI with automated,  protocol-driven, predictive engine generates for review

– Visit priorities (diagnoses, quality measures, labs)

– Visit documentation (reduces documentation keying 80%; improves documentation quality 2-fold)

– 1-click ordering of past due quality measures

VistHub focuses on leveraging data in the EMR to automate workflow and documentation. 

Our solution is a cloud-based application designed to be tightly integrated with clinical EMR systems, which improves the efficiency of visit planning and documentation for both in-person visits and visits using the included telemedicine feature.

Current Features Include:

– Medical history collection using electronic question sets through our Visit Reason Rules Engine

– Assessment and plan templates

– Note generation using history collected from patients and our assessment and plan templates

– Selection of visit-appropriate gaps in care with our Quality Measure Rules Engine

– Automatically generated 10-year preventive care plan as required for Medicare Annual Wellness Visits

– Integrated telemedicine feature

Our solution is automating the patient visit planning process, minimizing the number of touches (mouse clicks) and eliminating at least 80% of physician entered documentation with patient entered history and patient-specific Assessment & Plan.


Anodyne Clinical is committed to further enhance its feature set to improve physician professional satisfaction. 

Join us on our quest in addressing the Quadruple Aim in healthcare!

Anodyne Clinical will integrate with EMRs and will be fine-tuned to the individual physician user prior to go-live.

Our Leadership Team

Comprised of entrepreneurs with high-level management capabilities, and clinical, technical, business and marketing experience, Anodyne Clinical is focused on a global market of millions of healthcare providers who seek more usable medical information solutions to enable higher quality healthcare delivery.